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How It Works . . .

Designing Your Site

There will be extensive communication between Jay's Web Design and you, the client, when we begin your site. This is key to getting you what you want. Jay's Web Design will offer suggestions, as well as incorporate the goals and ideas you have outlined for your website. You will find it's a rewarding process to shape your website and see it come to life live on the internet.

Designing Your Web Site

How Long Does It Take To Create Your Website?

Jay's Web Design can provide you with a functioning website published on the internet within a few weeks of your initial contact! The more ideas and content you have ready for your website, the faster this process moves.

When Jay's Web Design is working with you, you will receive personal, one-on-one attention as your site is completed. You won't find that type of excellent customer service very often in the business world, but you've found it here with Jay's Web Design.


Do Your Homework...

Take a few minutes to jot down the pages you see in your website's future. What information do you want your customer to see?

Look at other websites....what do you like? Maybe their color scheme, perhaps a style to layout, maybe an eye catching product page, or a clever Home Page.

Now think of your site, what do you see? The more vision you have, the more Jay's Web Design can make it happen, fast.

Do Your Homework